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Brian’s Section #2 projects will be:

Day 1: Build an LED tester. We’ll learn how to control electricity by building a circuit that causes an LED to glow. (Light Emitting Diode).
Day 2: Build a door alarm. We’ll learn how to us a special magnetically controlled switch to create a door alarm.
Day 3: Build a “glowing eyes” circuit. Transistors make modern electronics possible. We’ll learn how to use a transistor to cause two glowing LED eyes to light up as a room gets darker.
Day 4: Build an LED blinker. We’ll learn how to use an integrated circuit chip to blink two LEDs back and forth.
Day 5: Build a siren. We’ll learn how to use two integrated circuit chips to generate a two-tone siren.

Brian’s Summer Camp Electronics Kit (for section #2) includes:

2 – 360Ω ¼W 5% Carbon Film Resistors
1 – 1KΩ ¼W 5% Carbon Film Resistor
1 – 4.7KΩ ¼W 5% Carbon Film Resistor
2 -10KΩ ¼W 5% Carbon Film Resistors
2 – 100KΩ ¼W 5% Carbon Film Resistors
1 – 68KΩ ¼W 5% Carbon Film Resistor
1 – 500KΩ Trimmer Potentiometer
1 – CdS photocell
2 – 0.01µF (10000PF) Ceramic Capacitors 50V
2 – 10µF Electrolytic Capacitors 35V
2 – Red 5mm LEDs
2 – Blue 5mm LEDs
1 – 2N3904 NPN Transistor 40V 0.2A
1 – 2N3906 PNP Transistor 40V 0.2A TO92
2 – 555 Timer IC
1 – 31-AH3582-P Magnetic Switch
1 – 9-12V Buzzer
1 – 8Ω PCB Speaker
1 – SPDT Slide Switch 200MA 30V
1 – 9V Alkaline Battery
1 – 9V Snap Connector
1 – Two Pin Header (to connect snap connector to the breadboard)
1 – 70 Piece Jumper Wire Kit
1 – Breadboard 3.20″ X 2.00″
1- Neodymium Bar magnet
4 –  Damage free hanging strips

Aurora’s Summer Camp Kit (for section #1) Contains These Items:
(NOTE: Aurora’s kit is sold out. This information is for reference only.)

  • transparent sticky tape
  • ball of clay (fist-sized)
  • string or yarn (about 10 feet)
  • aluminum foil (small piece)
  • toothpicks (20+)
  • paperclips (12)
  • black sheet of paper
  • crazy glue or super glue*
  • handheld magnifier lens
  • FBI Fingerprint card
  • wood clothespin
  • 2 brass fasteners (20mm x 8mm)
  • sponge (thin)
  • aluminum foil
  • diffraction grating
  • red laser*
  • green laser*
  • blue/violet laser*
  • orange highlighter
  • ruler (metric and standard)
  • AA battery holder (holds 2 AA’s)
  • AA batteries (2)
  • AAA batteries (6)
  • 3 alligator wire leads
  • LEDs (2)
  • CdS cell
  • round mirrors (4)
  • UV Light† with batteries
  • yellow highlighter
  • popsicle sticks (craft size, 12)
  • coffee filter

* PLEASE keep these items away from students until class starts, and use of these items requires adult supervision

The following Items are Required for Section 1, but Are Not in Aurora’s Kit
(Hint: Please find these items and add them to your kit)

  • paper
  • pencil and eraser
  • scissors
  • crayons, colored pencils or markers
  • calculator
  • goggles and gloves
  • index cards (20) or use paper that is cut to 3×5” size
  • 20 coins (can be all one type, or half and half)
  • empty clean glass jar with a lid (pickle or jam jars work great)
  • graphite powder* (or cocoa powder)
  • clear silicone* (or use soft candy, like gummy bears)
  • cardboard tube (from paper towel roll)
  • turmeric*
  • rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer†
  • baking soda (or washing soda)
  • lemon (we need just the juice)
  • 3 black pens (they can be felt tip, marker, ball point or gel)
  • disposable cups or disposable plastic water bottles (3+)
  • 10 disposable foam cups for hot drinks (any size cup, ask for these from your favorite take-out restaurant… we need the thick top rim)

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