FujiNet for Atari 8-Bit


#FujiNet is the ultimate peripheral emulator for the Atari 8 Bit computer SIO bus and emulates devices such as disk drives, printers and modems. It also provides a new network interface for connecting to internet protocols.

Our FujiNets come in an Atari XL style case. 3D print files for 800 and XE styles are available here.

We are building more FujiNets now and
they should be ready to ship before June 15, 2024.

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#FujiNet is the ultimate peripheral emulator for the Atari 8 Bit computer SIO bus. This latest version (v1.7) now has a USB-C port*. The complete list of changes for all versions can be found on the Github wiki.

The hardware is designed with a custom SIO plug which connects directly into any Atari 8 Bit computer (regardless of case style) and also has a custom SIO receptacle on the back for connecting to other Atari peripherals. There is a MicroSD* socket on the right side for storing disk images, printer PDF files and configuration information (wifi credentials, disk drive configuration, etc). Three buttons are easily accessible on the top providing various functions. Three LED’s on the front provide the following status: WHITE (left, wifi connected), BLUE (middle, SIO2BT Mode), ORANGE (right, SIO bus activity).

On the left side there is an ON/OFF slide switch (Up is ON, Down is OFF). The USB-C port above the power switch can be used to power the FujiNet as well as update it’s firmware. FujiNet can also be powered directly from the Atari through the SIO connector without the need for USB (except on the Atari 400 or 800 which require external USB for power).

Note: ​The 3D printed parts used in FujiNet are not like injection molded parts. I strive to produce good quality prints but some may show extrusion rings, artifacts, blemishes and other signs of plastic extrusion.

*SD card not included. USB-C cable not included.
SD card must be formatted FAT32 (exFAT is not supported).

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