FujiNet for Apple II & III

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The FujiApple Rev1.1 for SmartPort enabled Apple II computers emulates SmartPort drives, Disk II drives (read only), CP/M, Clock, Modem, and a new Network Device. Disk images can be mounted directly from the internet via TNFS servers or from the onboard MicroSD socket*. The Network device enables access to Internet protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, TNFS, SSH, TCP, UDP and more.

We now ship every FujiApple with both pairs of thumbscrews.

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The kit comes with the following (ribbon cable color may be gray or rainbow depending on availability):

  • FujiNet for Apple II & III
  • DB-19 to IDC20 Female adapter
  • 30cm IDC20 Female to Male cable
  • 30cm IDC20 Female to Female cable
  • DB-19 spacer
  • Two different lengths of thumbscrews
    • Two 1.375″ thumbscrews for use with IIe/III
    • Two 1.5″ thumbscrews for use with IIc/gs/+

FuiNet for Apple II has been designed to work with the DB-19 adapter (including spacer) directly plugged into it on the IIc/IIc+, held to the system with the included screws. It can also be used with the IDC20F to IDC20M cable and adapter for all Apple II systems with a DB-19 port. You can use the IDC20F to IDC20F cable with the Disk II card.

The FujiApple requires a SmartPort enabled Apple II or III computer. Later Apple II models such as the IIc (ROM 0, 3 or 4), IIc+ and IIgs have native SmartPort capability. The Apple II, II+, IIe and III need a SmartPort card to enable the use of FujiNet. Currently known and tested SmartPort add-on cards:

  • KBOOHK/MFA2 Workshop softSP Card v6 or newer firmware
  • Grappler+ Card w/ DIY softSP (E)EPROM v6 or newer firmware
  • SuperSerial Card w/ DIY softSP (E)EPROM v5 or newer firmware

For the non-native SmartPort computers, you also need an I/O card to connect the FujiNet via the DB-19 adapter or an IDC20 cable. Currently known and tested I/O cards:

  • Original Disk II Interface card (IDC20)
  • 5.25 Disk Drive controller (DB-19)
  • Liron card (SmartPort only, no Disk II support, DB-19)
  • Yellowstone (IDC20)
  • Liron Reborn

More information about setup and usage is available in the Apple II & III Quickstart Guide on the FujiNet wiki.

Note: ‚ÄčThe 3D printed parts used in FujiNet are not like injection molded parts. I strive to produce good quality prints but some may show extrusion rings, artifacts, blemishes and other signs of plastic extrusion.

*SD card not included. USB-C cable not included.
SD card must be formatted FAT32 (exFAT is not supported).

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