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Can two students use one electronics kit during Supercharged Science live classes?

Parents often ask if two students can use the same electronics kit.

Ideally each child should have their own, unique kit.

Here are more details:

Regarding the electronics kit:

The Electronics Essentials kit is designed for one student. While there are enough parts for two students to build the small projects that occur early in the year, there will only be enough parts for one student as we get into more detailed circuits.

However, all the parts in the Electronics Essentials kit are reusable. If you buy a single kit, one child could build the circuit, get it working, and take it apart….then the other child could build the circuit by watching the recording.

But, if you want both kids to build projects during the live class, you’ll need two kits.

Here is the link to the Electronics Essentials kit:

Regarding the parts boxes:

By the way, I highly recommend that you purchase the two parts boxes either together with your kit order or directly from Harbor Freight.

If you do buy two full Electronics Essentials kits, other parents have reported that they can fit two full sets of parts into one pair of boxes.

Regarding the digital multimeter:

You will need at least one digital multimeter for use during the class. You can either add one to your order or purchase a meter from other sources. By the way, parents find that two students can share one digital multimeter.

Regarding the Soldering Basics Kit:

You’ll notice that we offer a Soldering Basics Kit. This kit used during pre-recorded lessons on electronics soldering and is not needed for the live classes. (The soldering lessons are available under Unit 25).

Soldering is a process that permanent attaches the electronic parts onto a circuit board. So, if you would like your kids to learn soldering, they will each need their own soldering kit.

Here is the link to the Soldering Basics:

Please note that some additional soldering tools are required. You can find more information on those parts here:

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