BEAM Bot Learn to Solder Kit


BEAM Bot is a learn to solder kit that helps you learn about solar power and BEAM robotics.

This little robot responds to sunlight by vibrating.
The more intense the light, the faster it vibrates.

This kit requires a soldering iron and additional tools. Please see below for details.

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BEAM BOT is modeled after small BEAM projects where parts are soldered to each other, but such projects are difficult to assemble.

BEAM Bot uses a standard Printed Circuit Board (PCB) as the frame thus making it easier to assemble.

BEAM stands for Biology, Electronics, Aesthetics, and Mechanics. BEAM Bot uses a special electronic circuit called a “Miller solar engine” which uses sunlight to imitate life.

This kit provides the electronic parts and printed circuit board to build one kit. The assembled kit is approximately 2 x 2 x 2 inches (5 x 5 x 5 cm).|

Additional tools required (Click here to see Brian’s soldering tool recommendations):
• Eye protection
• Electronics soldering iron and solder
• Circuit board holder
• Scissors
• Wire cutters
• Long-nose / Flat-nose pliers
• Masking tape or electrical tape

By building this kit, students learn about
• Electronics soldering
• Solar energy
• Use of voltage supervisor IC’s
• Use of transistors

• BEAM Bot is not designed to move very far. Instead, it is designed to simulate a biological response to sunlight. As the name implies, the solar cell works best with sunlight, but you can also use incandescent light (something with a filament). BEAM Bot may not respond to cell phone or LED flashlights.
• A PCB fuse clip is used to hold the vibration motor in place. Over time, the motor may shift inside the clip and need to be re-centered.


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