ProtoPCB 400 Solderable Breadboard


Take your projects to the next level with our ProtoPCB 400 solderable Breadboards.

These printed circuit boards (PCBs) have the same pin and connection layout as a 400 point breadboard, allowing you to convert your breadboarded prototypes into a permanently soldered circuit!

Each board comes with five feet (1.5m) of 24AWG (.51mm) hookup wire.

No electronic parts are provided with this bundle.

Is this your first time soldering?
We recommend that you begin with our Soldering Basics Kit.

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  • Pad spacing is 2.54mm (.1″) – just like a breadboard
  • Dual power rails on the top and bottom of the board, plus a bonus set of power rails down the middle
  • Special side traces that allow you to connect the top, middle, and bottom power rails
  • Thirty columns of connections just like a 400 point breadboard
  • Twelve extra sets of horizontal pads on the side of the board, allowing additional parts or interfacing to external devices
  • Boxes on the front of the board to document your project name, date, and version
  • A box on the back of the board keep change notes or other documentation.

ProtoPCB 400 Specifications:
Number of tie points (solder pads): 546
Number of horizontal 5-tie point terminals: 60
Number of vertical 5-tie point terminals: 12
Pad drill hole diameter: 40 mil (1.016mm)
Pad diameter 70 mil (1.778mm)
Pad spacing: 2.54mm (.1″)
Trace width: 60 mil (1.524mm)
Surface finish: HASL(with lead)

Hookup Wire Specifications:
Gauge: 24AWG (.51mm)
Conductor strand: Solid
Conductor material: Copper, Annealed Tinned
Temperature range: -20°C ~ 105°C
Color: white or yellow depending on availability

Note: You’ll need a soldering iron and a few other tools.
Click here to see Brian’s tool recommendations.

Front of ProtoPCB 400

Back of ProtoPCB 400

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Five pack of ProtoPCB boards and five packs of 5' hookup wire, Single ProtoPCB board with 5' of hookup wire


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